Top Tips to Welcome New Residents to Your Community

Warmly welcoming new homeowners to your community sets the tone for developing a long-term positive relationship with them. No doubt, they will appreciate the friendliness and support they receive from the community while they are managing the stress of moving into a new home, especially if they are coming from out-of-town and have a limited local support network. Following are some tips to help welcome new residents into the community:

Welcome Home Gift

Create a gift basket to welcome new homeowners into the community. The basket can feature:

  • A welcome letter from the HOA board.
  • List of key contacts in the community, their cell phone numbers, and email addresses. This might include the property manager, board members, security / gatehouse officer, clubhouse manager, and the social committee chair.
  • Hours for the pool, clubhouse, and other recreational amenities.
  • Map of the community.
  • List of upcoming community meetings and events.
  • List of service providers they may need and contact information to set them up, such as cable or streaming services, Internet providers, water, gas, and electricity.
  • List of nearby local businesses and services, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, HVAC repair, plumbers, salons/barbers, mass retail stores, nearby shopping malls, etc.
  • A QR code and URL for residents to be able to access all the above information digitally as well as in the hard copy in the basket.
  • If local businesses are willing to supply gift cards or small promotional items, that would also be a welcome addition to the basket. Some businesses to solicit for this are ice cream shops, restaurants, dry cleaning shops, dentists, healthcare providers, banks or credit unions, clothing stores, and salons.
  • Including some snack foods or small plant is a nice touch as well.

Official HOA Welcomer

Assign a board member or resident to be the official HOA welcomer. Ideally, this individual should stop by the new residents’ home within a couple days of move-in to personally welcome them to the community, invite them to any upcoming events, and answer any questions they have.

New Resident Orientation

Create a monthly orientation program for new residents to meet one another and familiarize themselves with the community, its amenities, and its policies. To facilitate a relaxing atmosphere, hold the orientation over brunch or dinner. Content to cover can include a discussion about the rules and hours for the HOA’s recreational facilities, how the neighborhood watch or safety program functions, key HOA rules, and opportunities for volunteering in the community. Make sure to allow plenty of time for a Q&A session as residents are likely to have many questions about the community as well as about the local area.

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