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Property Management

Consolidated Community Management is a full service property management company. CCM provides a quality of service that is unique to our industry and consistently delivers a distinct competitive advantage. Our concentrated, extensive local presence and knowledge of community associations results in lasting partnerships and superior service.

Our firm recognizes that every client has distinct needs and priorities. Consolidated Community Management continually adapts a focus driven approach to quickly respond to your communities changing needs.

Consolidated Community Management employs only professional and experienced property managers. When you hire CCM to manage your property you are engaging a complete team, not just a Property Manager. Our firm is committed to working together with your Board of Directors to develop a management plan tailored to the unique requirements of your community and their residents.

Our commitment to service and excellence guarantees that your property will be managed according to the highest standards in the industry. Our clients are the most important elements in our business.

CCM concentrates our management portfolio specifically on condominiums and homeowner associations throughout Broward and Southern Palm Beach Counties.

With more than 30 years of experience,
we do our job exceptionally well.

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    Florida has the dubious honor of being the state with the most hurricanes in the nation. Each year, HOA leaders need to review their hurricane plans to ensure they are up-to-date in the event a severe hurricane hits. Never be complacent – even if your community has escaped unscathed from hurricanes in the past, there

    May 7, 2024
  • Increasing Your HOA’s Property Values

    One of the benefits of living in an HOA community is the security in knowing that your home will maintain or increase its value. As an HOA leader, your community members rely on you to regularly evaluate options for enhancing the value of their investment in your community. Following are some successful strategies to enhance

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  • HOA Liability for Dog Bites    

    Most dogs are friendly and lovable pets. Sometimes, though, they bite and seriously injure someone. In fact, more than 4.5 million people are bit by dogs each year in the United States and almost 20% of them need medical care from the bite[1]. What happens if a dog bites someone in a common area of

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  • 40- and 50-Year Inspections: What You Need to Know

    Florida’s milestone inspections law, passed in the wake of the Champlain Towers collapse in 2021, goes into effect this year. The law requires that all buildings that are three stories high or taller conduct an inspection when the building turns 30 years old and conduct a reinspection every 10 years thereafter for recertification. The Inspection

    March 7, 2024
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