Top Tips for Effective HOA Newsletters

A newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your HOA residents up-to-date on local happenings and create a sense of community. To accomplish these objectives, your newsletter will need to entice residents to read it. As one of South Florida’s premier property management companies, we have written hundreds of newsletters over the years. Following are some of our pointers for making sure that your newsletter captivates and engages your readers.

Know your audience.

Are your residents older, younger, professionals, blue-collar, wealthy, family-focused, etc.? What are their hobbies? Knowing their demographics and psychographics can help you gear the content in your newsletter to their interests. For example, if many of your residents like to golf on weekends, your newsletter can feature an article with golf tips and include quotes from local golfers in the community. You could also use this article to reiterate the hours and reservations policy for the community golf course.

Promote resident-owned businesses.

Highlight the businesses and services of local residents, such as doctors, dentists, accountants, contractors, electricians, etc. Each month can feature a different resident’s business. This provides the double benefit of promoting residents’ businesses and helping new residents find service providers in the area.

Feature community news.

Inform residents about upcoming events, construction, and new hours for the pool or other amenities. If there are changes to by-laws, special assessments, or other HOA business, the newsletter is a good place to discuss these changes in addition to any other emails or communication that you have distributed about them.

Include pictures.

A picture really is worth a thousand words; not only does it bring the text to life, it makes the text more readable by breaking it up. In addition to photographs, consider including key data, like event information or important dates / deadlines in an infographic. Many residents won’t have time to thoroughly read all the articles, but they may skim over the images and captions.

Proofread the newsletter. Then give it to someone else to proofread again.

Nothing detracts from the credibility of a newsletter more than errors – both factual and grammatical ones. Double check all the dates and deadlines listed and confirm admission costs to events. Read the entire newsletter out loud when you proofread it – don’t rely on spellcheck to correct your mistakes.

Determine the most effective distribution method for your residents.

If your HOA members tend to be older, consider emailing each resident and also giving them a hard copy. For HOAs with younger members, email plus a few hard copies in the common areas will generally suffice. Many HOAs also like to include the newsletter on their website and announce on their social media pages when the latest newsletter is published.

CCM property managers are pros at developing effective newsletters that residents look forward to reading. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your newsletter to life and help your HOA run more smoothly.

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