Top 7 Tips for Hurricane Preparation for Homeowner Associations

Hurricane season is now underway in South Florida and will continue through November 30.  As we have seen in previous years, hurricanes and tropical storms can cause significant wind and rain damage to landscaping, community common areas, and buildings.

Fortunately, condominium and homeowner associations can help minimize potential storm damage by preparing ahead of time and urging their residents to follow suit.

Here are our top 7 hurricane preparation recommendations for South Florida condo and homeowner associations and communities:

  1. Update Contact ListsUpdate your contact list for all residents as well as for emergency and post-storm services such as debris removal, tree trimming, lawn service, etc. 
  1. Communicate with Residents — Ensure that you have a way to rapidly communicate with residents in the case of an emergency. Be sure that seasonal residents or those who may be traveling take time to prepare their home before leaving.
  1. Prepare Buildings Put up shutters, prepare doors, and protect all windows and vulnerable portions of buildings in common areas and throughout the community.
  1. Move Outdoor Furniture Indoors — Work with residents to bring furniture, decorations, and potted plants inside so they do not become projectiles in heavy winds. Items that are too heavy to move must be carefully secured.
  1. Trim Trees and Remove Debris Prepare the community and any common areas appropriately. Follow tree trimming guidelines to remove dead branches and coconuts, and trim interior branches to safeguard tree stability.
  1. Unclog Drains – Inspect drains throughout the community and remove any debris to ensure storm gutters and drains are fully functioning.
  1. Understand the Community Insurance Policy – Confirm that the Board of Directors fully review related insurance policies and provide documentation with photos and videos before and after storm.


For information on putting together emergency plans and kits for your residents, review these handy checklists from the National Weather Service at

Do you have questions about preparing your community before a storm? 

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