Managing Security in HOAs

Safety and security are top of mind for home and condo owners as well as prospective buyers. 

Homeowner and condo associations need to have a strong handle on security management to provide a safe and secure environment for residents.  Without careful planning and consistent execution, associations can be at risk for lawsuits.

Determine the Requirements.

We recommend that homeowner association board members take steps to maintain secure communities.  To accomplish this, associations must understand the specific requirements for their state, city or county, and community.  You can start by reviewing the Florida statutes listed here.

Conduct Assessments. 

Next, it’s important to conduct periodic reviews with a qualified security expert to survey the community for potential security problems.  It is good practice for the association and property management to walk the property frequently and identify any potential safety or security concerns.  In addition, the property management team should reassess the safety practices put in place after past incidents. 

Create Operational Guidelines.

Based on the results of these assessments, the association will need to determine how to improve the safety and security of the community.  Creating a document that outlines the goals and plans to get there is essential.  For example, adding additional video cameras for surveillance of the community grounds, buildings, and guards may be an important method for a safe and controlled environment.  Installing entry controls, intrusion detection, and fire detection may be important measures for the community to consider.  When budgets are especially tight, associations may rely on well-designed phony cameras as burglary deterrents.  If the community employs guards and guard gates, it is important that guards follow standardized procedures and are supervised.

Manage Communication.

Information about safety and security should be clear and direct for home or condo owners. If the association promises specific security measures, they must follow through and provide them.  If there are changes in security provisions for residents, the community must notify residents.  In addition, homeowner and condo associations should involve residents and direct them to contact authorities if they notice any unusual activity or behavior.

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