Increasing Your HOA’s Property Values

One of the benefits of living in an HOA community is the security in knowing that your home will maintain or increase its value. As an HOA leader, your community members rely on you to regularly evaluate options for enhancing the value of their investment in your community. Following are some successful strategies to enhance your HOA’s desirability and increase its property values:

  • Beautiful Landscaping: Meticulously manicure all outdoor common areas. Not only should the grass and shrubs be trimmed and gardens be weed-free, but make sure to include colorful flowers and ornamental trees throughout to add visual appeal. To enhance your grounds even more, install decorative lighting in the landscapes and hardscapes to create a stunning scene, even at night.
  • Upgrade Your Security: Protecting your residents and their homes is essential. Consider adding additional security cameras or security guards. If there are community areas that are poorly lit, add additional lighting for nighttime.
  • Clubhouse Upgrade: Objectively inspect your clubhouse décor. Is it modern and fresh or could it use a facelift? This is especially important if your HOA is an older community and has not been renovated. As new and more modern communities develop, yours needs to keep up its appearance to keep up its property values.   
  • Enforce Community Rules and Standards: In addition to ensuring the common areas stay well-maintained, the homes in the community need to stay maintained to increase property values. Individual homeowners must take responsibility to ensure that the exterior of their homes meet the community’s architectural standards. Additionally, parking rules, trash removal rules, and noise ordinances all must be strictly enforced.

CCM is one of South Florida’s premier property management companies. We pride ourselves in managing some of the region’s most sought-after HOA communities. If you are seeking a property management company to help ensure your community’s property values continue to rise, call us today to learn all the benefits of allowing us to manage your community.

Consolidated Community Management (CCM) is a full-service property management company specializing in condominium and homeowner association management in Broward and southern Palm Beach Counties.  We are committed to working together with community Boards of Directors to develop management plans tailored to the unique requirements of each community and their residents.

CCM provides a quality of service that is unique to our industry and consistently delivers a distinct competitive advantage.  Our concentrated, extensive local presence and knowledge of community associations results in lasting partnerships and superior service.  We have built our industry reputation on employing the best in the business and assigning only a limited number of properties to each Property Manager Team.

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