Hurricanes: Preparing for the Big Storm

It’s cliché, but true:  an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. This is especially relevant when dealing with hurricanes.

In a matter of minutes, deadly storms can destroy whole communities and cause financial ruin to those who have not adequately prepared. Following are some hurricane preparation tips to keep in mind as we enter this year’s active season:

  • Ensure all outdoor common areas are properly maintained.

Take down any dead trees. Trim any overgrown trees to minimize the possibility of branches falling. Clean any debris from gutters on community buildings and from storm drains to prevent water from backing up. Take in all pool furniture to prevent it from flying away or becoming a projectile in high winds. Tie down any furniture that is too big to take inside. Turn off any pumps for irrigation, pools or fountains to prevent damage to their motors. Have a roofer inspect the roofs of any common buildings and repair any roof damage.

  • Assemble and have easy access to all emergency documents.

Develop a hard copy file of key documents. The file could include:

  • A copy of your insurance policy
    • Bank account numbers
    • List of residents, their email addresses, and cell phone numbers
    • Staff contact information
    • Vendor contact information

The file should be saved in a waterproof pouch. Residents should decide ahead of time who will hold onto the file in the event of an evacuation.  In addition, residents should save these documents onto a laptop or thumb drive that they can easily take as a backup copy.

  • Develop an evacuation plan and communicate it to residents.

To minimize chaos and confusion, residents need to know exactly what they should do in the event of an evacuation. Develop and communicate a plan to residents that clearly shows all the exits of the property and the best routes to take to reach them. Communicate the plan to residents through email, community meetings, posters, and any other channels that you use. Remind residents that if they need to evacuate, they should take cash, credit cards, ID, prescription medications, a copy of their insurance policy, bottled water, and non-perishable food with them.

  • Develop an emergency response plan.

If the community needs to evacuate, how will you keep it safe during and after the storm? What is your clean-up plan? Who will survey the damage? Who will be providing residents updates? Is there a point person for residents and vendors to contact during and after the storm?

Your community’s ability to bounce back after a hurricane will be largely dependent on the quality of your emergency response plan and your ability to execute it. CCM has developed and implemented numerous emergency response plans for homeowners and condo associations throughout Florida. Contact us to learn more about our expertise in this area.

Planning for a hurricane is an essential task for every homeowner and condo association. CCM prides itself on its ability to successfully plan for and follow through on all aspects of hurricane preparation for its properties. Contact us today to learn how your community can benefit from our expertise.

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