Hurricane Irma Preparedness

Currently IRMA is expected to make landfall somewhere in the Southeast United States, South Florida late Sunday/Early Monday. IRMA is expected to be a Category 3 or 4 Storm. No one knows with any certainty if it will be a strong storm or a weak storm, a wind only event or wind and rain.

Now is the time for you to review your own personal hurricane plan, make preparations around your home / unit. Please take a moment to look around and move inside or throw out any items outside such as lawn decorations, flower pots, flags, etc. Items left outside after Wednesday noon may be disposed of at the discretion of the association for the safety and well-being of your neighbors.

As of the posting of this notice CCM has instituted Level four hurricane preparedness which includes a meeting of all maintenance personnel and Property Managers so that a coordinated effort to secure the common areas of your community can begin.

As we get closer to the approach of the storm more activities will take place including but not limited to securing pool/patio furniture, tennis court equipment, and ultimately removing gate arms or securing the gates in the open positions if applicable.

The current schedule for storm preparation has a completion goal of Friday, September 8, 2017 at 4:00pm.

It is anticipated that the storm will have left the area by the end of day on Monday and the property will be fully staffed again on Tuesday morning. When it is safe to move about CCM representatives will be on your property to assess any damage and report down trees, major property damage or large scale clean up to our central communications center.

Although the CCM office will close for the weekend we do maintain 24 hour answering service to report any property related emergencies. Our after-hours number is (954) 718-9903.

Please take time early this week to prepare.

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