Do You Need a Fort Lauderdale Property Management Company?

If you own a small property, you might be wondering when to hire a Fort Lauderdale property management company. There are a few reasons one may consider inviting a team in to assist. When business grows or you take on more tenants, managing your property can be more complicated. Fortunately, finding a property management company doesn’t have to beWhile you search for the right team to help you, these four questions can help narrow down your options. 

 Is Your Property Close to Home?

One of the reasons people feel it’s time to find a Fort Lauderdale property management company is because they live far from the property. It can be challenging to get to your property every day to tend to daily tasks or emergencies. If you’re a one-man-band, chances are you know the struggle of handling it all. From cleaning and property maintenance, to managing residents handling payments, there are many elements that go into running a residential property. If your rental property is far from home, it can make handling all of those areas challenging.  

How Many Units Do You Have? 

If you are expanding your property to include more units, your responsibilities are increasing, too. While more tenants may mean more potential income, it also means that you have more complaints, more issues, and more areas that need to be better maintained. Trying to do everything yourself can be tricky. That’s where a property management company could come in handy.  

Do You Know How to Manage Properties Professionally? 

Some individuals are given properties through families or they decide to buy a few properties for real estate purposes. While both are wonderful ways to obtain locations, it’s a totally different experience to manage properties. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in management. Then, you’ll simply need to check in and continue working on projects that you find more enjoyable.  

 Do You Have Time to Manage Your Properties 

If you’re working on numerous projects at the same time, it can be challenging to fit Fort Lauderdale property management into your workday. Management is full time job, especially when you’re dealing with multiple units. You’ll need to be the middleman between maintenance and tenants. You might have to chase down tenants for their rent. If something breaks, you’ll need to send someone right away to fix the issue, to keep your tenants happy. With management teams, you can take a few tasks off your plate, giving your tenants the attention they deserve.   

If you’re looking for a property management company to work with, contact Consolidated Community Management today. We’re a full-service property management company that provides quality service. We ensure that your property will be managed with the upmost respect and care. Our clients are important to us, and when you work with our team, you’ll have access to online payments and a simple click for maintenance requests. Request a proposal today at 954-718-9903! 

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