Does Your Community Need a Jumpstart?

Whether you’re a new community for CCM or just need a reboot. With our 100 day plan we put in place milestone management, jump-start early wins, sort team roles, and drive ongoing two-way communication.

We take charge, build your team, and get immediate results. What are the biggest challenges that you would expect to face in the first 100 days of a launch? What has been your organization track record of managing change in general, adoption of new systems and practices specifically?

What’s in a 100 Day Plan?

  • Stepping stone goals at 30, 60, 90, and 100 days (or whichever time targets make sense for your organization)
  • The ability to make adjustments if targets are not hit or more time is needed
  • List of goals and objectives, broken out at intermediate milestones
  • A plan for measuring goals and tracking success

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