Community Hurricane Prep Tips from Property Management Companies in Tamarac

At Consolidated Community Management, we work with community management for communities of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a condominium association, a homeowners association or you’re running a collection of rental properties, it’s important to make sure hurricane prep is part of your plans. Hurricane Irma has taught us a lot about prep, and there are more storms on the horizon before 2017 is up. As one of the most trusted property management companies in Tamarac, our experts at Consolidated Community Management understand the importance of proper hurricane prep. Now is the time to make sure you’re ready for the next storm, check out our hurricane prep tips! 

How do property management companies in Tamarac suggest my community prep for the next storm?

There are many factors to consider when getting your community ready for the next storm. Shuttering up your personal property is only one part of the hurricane prep battle. At Consolidated Community Management, we understand the necessity of community-wide preparation for communal spaces and other aspects. If you’re managing your community, hurricane season can be especially challenging. We’ve put together some top tips for your community’s hurricane prep: 

  1. Make sure communal spaces are protected. Make sure community clubhouses are properly secured before a storm. Also make sure that gutters are clear and leaves are out of the way to ensure your community drains properly if heavy rains occur.  
  1. Check your community’s insurance coverage. Does your condo community’s insurance policy cover storm damage? Does the community have a flood policy as well? Check your insurance policy to ensure you’re covering everything your community needs.  
  1. Gather community contact information & do a checkup. Many communities may have vacant units or properties during hurricane season. Make sure you have the vital contact information for the community, along with determining which units are empty. By working together, your community can ensure that the elderly and other residents are safe.  
  1. Do some landscaping! Doing landscaping before a storm comes can seem a little backwards, but strategic landscaping can greatly limit damage from a hurricane or tropical storm. At Consolidated Community Management, we suggest getting the trees trimmed asap to help minimize damage from fallen branches.  
  1. Videotape and photograph the property. Just as property owners will be videotaping their property before a storm comes, you should do the same. At Consolidated Community Management, we suggest photographing and videotaping the property, especially communal spaces.  

Need more help getting storm ready? Give our team at Consolidated Community Management a call! We offer expert property management services to help keep your property in shape for any season. Finding the best property management companies in Tamarac is as easy as calling our team at Consolidated Community Management. Call us today!   

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