5 Key Benefits: Professional Management for Your HOA Community

Are you contemplating contracting a professional management company to manage your community?

Before you decide, consider these 5 key benefits that full-service professional management companies such as Consolidated Community Management (CCM)  will bring to your community.

  1. Experience. Understanding the best way to communicate, implement, and enforce new community guidelines is critical to maintaining solid relationships among board members and owners/residents.  We focus on providing clear, friendly, and effective communication to all our clients.
  2. Consistency. Once rules are clearly and efficiently communicated, management needs to enforce them.  To maintain a respectful environment, we specialize in enforcing community rules in a fair, professional, and pleasant manner.
  3. Guidance. When potential legal issues come to our attention, we know which legal advisor to consult and how to handle the situation.  From vendor or owner/resident disputes to worker’s compensation claims, you can count on our knowledge and experience to quickly resolve the situation.
  4. Vendor Relationships. After evaluating many vendors over the years, we have selected suppliers and contractors that deliver top quality products and services at competitive prices.  We have built solid relationships with lawn maintenance services, tree trimming services, security services, financial reporting, banking, legal advisors, post-hurricane clean-up, and technology services.
  5. Financial Management. CCM has expertise in preparing and managing budgets and expenses, evaluating quotes, providing professional guidance, and managing financial reporting.

Who is currently managing your vendor relationships, financial reporting, legal issues, communications, and enforcing rules?  At what cost?

Our team at Consolidated Community Management provides expert property management services at competitive prices.  Contact us today by calling (954) 718-9903 for Broward, (561) 465-7639 for Boynton Beach, or clicking on ccmfla.com.

Consolidated Community Management (CCM) is a full-service property management company specializing in condominium and homeowner association management in Broward and southern Palm Beach Counties.  We are committed to working together with community Boards of Directors to develop management plans tailored to the unique requirements of each community and their residents.

CCM provides a quality of service that is unique to our industry and consistently delivers a distinct competitive advantage.  Our concentrated, extensive local presence and knowledge of community associations results in lasting partnerships and superior service.  We have built our industry reputation on employing the best in the business and assigning only a limited number of properties to each Property Manager Team.

To learn more about CCM and our services, contact us at (954) 718-9903 for Broward, (561) 465-7639 for Boynton Beach, or visit us at ccmfla.com.

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