Property Management Services For HOAs, Condominiums and Cooperatives

Administrative Management Services

Consolidated Community Management, Inc. (CCM) details the following sub categories within the administrative management services portion of your management services agreement.

  • Board member training
  • Vendor management relations
  • Request for proposals/ Bid specifications
  • Insurance administration
  • Policy and procedures development
  • Rules enforcement/ complaints
  • Managers report
  • Annual members I board meetings I special members meeting
  • Association Websites
  • Controlled access communities
  • Prospective purchase I rental application process
  • Ongoing communication with board of directors and residents
  • Property inspections and covenant enforcement
  • Disaster planning/ hurricane preparation

A. Board member training: At CCM we believe an informed and educated Board member is an effective leader. We offer Board member training at no cost to your community. I have personally gathered and assembled a guide for board members titled “The Board Member Handbook” containing information from the past 25 years that assisted me in creating Community Association Management and my chosen career path. This handbook is continuously updated with current information and while you are a CCM client we will periodically be forwarding to your attention additional timely information regarding your role as a director. Many of our Boards find this very useful in the administration of their community. I trust that it will be useful to you as well.

B. Vendor management relations: Administer and monitor an ongoing program of maintaining relationships with exceptional vendors. It is critical for communities to have access to licensed insured reputable vendors that stand behind their work and their products. Our management team supervises your projects from start to finish ensuring you get what you paid for. CCM is always forging new relationships with the best value oriented vendors in the area. The market place is always changing and CCM is on the forefront of those changes bringing new ideas, innovations and change to our client communities.

C. Request for proposals I Bid specifications: Often time’s communities are disenfranchised with the outcome of their projects and service providers. The root cause of this starts with the bidding process. CCM recognizes this and prepares bid specifications in concert with industry professions so that all major projects and routine service agreements have a standard of service expectation that is measurable. It is our custom to prepare request for proposals on any project over$ 2500.00 in value in order to solicit competitive bids. Due to our years of ongoing involvement in the Community association management industry we have amassed an entire library of bid specifications and request for proposals. We draw from our vast resources and contacts to custom tailor bid specifications and request for proposals when soliciting project and routine service proposals for your community.

D. Insurance administration: The insurance market is always changing in South Florida. CCM works with the best agencies and companies to provide the most comprehensive insurance packages for the best value to all of our communities both large and small. We have developed funding concepts and have access to programs that are sure to save your community money. All unit owners’ requests for proof of insurance required by their mortgage companies are handled promptly and efficiently with a follow up system in place. All potential claims are documented when reported with incident reports and full follow-through during the claims process. In the event that our clients did not receive a fair settlement offer from their insurance company, we have access to the best “Public Adjusters” in the market place. During the last hurricane many communities that took advantage of our public adjuster recommendations received in excess of a 500 o/o increase on their final claim payment.

E. Policy and procedures development: All Community associations whether a Coop, a Condominium, or a homeowners association has specific operating requirements with regard to effective policies and procedures. The state of Florida is continually changing laws, and rules with regards to community associations. CCM stays abreast of the proposed changes and as well as the enacted laws that affect your community. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to communicate to you these changes and assist you in the implementation and monitoring of these changes.

F. Rules enforcement I complaints: Community associations come with certain standards for maintenance of homes and conduct for residents. CCM works in concert with the community leaders and committees to ensure that the standards to which the residents expect are maintained. When complaints are received by CCM they are investigated and the appropriate actions are taken. CCM will work effectively with the grievance committee to undertake and monitor the fining process in the event that the community has the right to fine. All procedures are performed in accordance with state statutes. Our managers visit your property on a regular scheduled basis to perform community inspections to ensure all standards are being uniformly enforced.

G. Managers report I Meeting packages: Approximately 72 hours prior to the board of directors meeting, our managers will have prepared and delivered to the board a comprehensive meeting package containing the agenda, minutes, managers report, financial statements as well as additional information. This allows the Board members to review the content and be prepared for an organized and effective meeting. In the event that no meeting takes place that month, the manager will forward a copy of their comprehensive manager’s report so that all board members stay informed.

H. Annual members I board meetings I special members meeting: The laws that govern community associations in Florida are specific and complex with regard to notice requirements and procedures for meetings. You can rest assured that CCM is well versed and follows these requirements. We understand the commitment you have made as a volunteer board member and go the extra mile to have concise and productive meetings. This is accomplished thru our years of experience and extensive preparation before the meeting.

I. CCM and Community Websites: CCM maintains a comprehensive website that is informative to residents and allows them among other things to download forms, make comments and suggestions as well as submit work order requests for their community. Many communities feel the need to have their own individual website. With our resources and experience we can assist you in achieving that goal.

J. Controlled access communities and buildings: Our office staff and managers are well versed with the procedures and requirements to maintain an effective and controlled access environment. We maintain dedicated servers that contain and maintain your controlled access security information. We currently use such programs as Se/com Secure, Elite Pro, and ABDI just to name a few. By providing our communities the expertise that we possess and by using an offsite server, we can make changes to the -controlled access system on your property with just a moments notice and a few key strokes. In the event of an equipment failure, or damage to your onsite system, we can download the information from our server so that your system when repaired is up and running within minutes.

K. Prospective purchase I rental application process: CCM has implemented a screening and application process second to none for those communities which have the right of approval for prospective purchasers and renters. When the fully completed application arrives in our office, we can process it on line using our providers to obtain credit, criminal, sex offender and eviction reports on prospective residents applying to become your neighbors. The reports are typically on the way to your screening committee with 48 hours of being received in our office.

L. Ongoing communication with board of directors and residents: Ongoing effective communication with the Board and your residents is critical for effective community association management. Our office phones are answered by a live person during business hours. You and your neighbors will not be pushing endless buttons on an automated attendance system. We believe in attempting at all costs solving the persons issue on the phone with the first call rather than leaving a voice mail for later follow up. We understand this and practice this each and every day. By using the Tops software system communication and follow up is a breeze. Our office is a big believer of the benefits for all involved by using email. First and foremost it creates a written timed and dated piece of communication. Second it is easily distributed to multiple parties that may need to be informed about an issue. And finally it is a very concise effective use of time for all involved to be informed at their convenience, not chasing around playing phone tag.

M. Property inspections and covenant enforcement: We believe the highest and best use of our property mangers time is best spent outside in your community. Among the many tasks that they may be performing while at your community, property and vendor inspections together with ongoing covenant enforcement is high on our list of priorities. By using the Tops software system, we have an easy and effective method to generate violation and rule enforcement communication to your residents. The major benefit of using tops is the ability to print detailed and concise reports tailored to your needs.

N. Disaster planning/ hurricane preparation: Our belief that has been proven over time is “If you fail to plan, you can plan on failure”. Over the years we have developed systems, procedures and manuals to assist our communities with their disaster planning. Whether it is a fire, flood, or a hurricane, rest assured we are ready to rise for the occasion. We have been there and done that on most disasters that your community will possibly face. We don’t wait until there is a hurricane warning to start. Our planning is ongoing as well as our communication to your community.

In your time of need you need to be assured that you can rely on your property management company for their experience, assistance and follow thru.

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